'GDAtools' package for R

'GDAtools' package for R is a tool box for the analysis of categorical data in social sciences.

- Functions for Geometric Data Analysis (GDA):
specific multiple correspondence analysis (specific MCA), class specific analysis, multiple factor analysis, standardized factor analysis, concentration ellipses, aids to interpretation, inductive tests...

Le Roux, B. and H. Rouanet. 2010. Multiple Correspondence Analysis, vol. 163: Sage.
or Brigitte Le Roux's web page (lien)

- Computation of local and global Percentages of Maximum Deviation from Independance (PEM).

Cibois P., 1993, "Le PEM, pourcentage de l'écart maximum : un indice de liaison entre modalités d'un tableau de contingence", Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, n°40, p.43-63. pdf

- To INSTALL the package, type the following instruction in R:


Reference manual, update log and other informations are available on the package's page on CRAN (here).

last update of the package: 2014, March 4th (version 1.0)